Meal Allowances for your team

Perfect for team lunches, out-of-hours meals or a one-off treat

The easy way to give them access to tasty restaurant food

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Perfect for office meals or remote working

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You choose the amount and who can use it

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Saves time

One monthly invoice, instead of hundreds of receipts

How Meal Allowances work

Office lunches, catered meetings and remote-working treats, made easy.

Simple set-up

Create a regular or one-off meal allowance for teams and individuals.

You choose the budget and when they can use it, for example, if they're working out-of-hours.

Screen showing how to set up allowances 
”Monday to Friday 8am - 7pm”
 ”126 people”
Screen showing employee meal allowance usage “Date” “Employee name” “Restaurant and amount spent”

More choice

Let your team pick from thousands of restaurants and takeaways on Deliveroo.

They can order on the app and simply tap to pay with their Meal Allowance at checkout.

A single bill

Forget about fiddly expense systems and mountains of receipts.

We’ll email you one easy-to-understand invoice each month.

A Deliveroo for Work invoice example

Feed your team with Deliveroo for Work

Frequently asked questions

You can create as many Meal Allowances as you want, there’s no limit.

You can set up an allowance for your whole business, specific teams, or individual employees.

You decide how much and when the meal allowance can be used, so you’re always in control.

If an order costs more than the amount in the Meal Allowance, your colleague will only need to pay the difference.

We recommend budgeting between AED 10 - AED 20 for individual employees, or around AED 80 for a team of 4 or 5.

To avoid disappointment, it’s a good idea to share how much the Meal Allowance is before they order.

If you are the account admin, you’ll receive a monthly invoice via email and you then have 30 days to pay the invoice.

Email your account manager to request previous invoices.

Once you set up a Meal Allowance, your team will get an email to create an account with their work email address in the Deliveroo app.

Their Meal Allowance will appear as a payment option at checkout.

Once they have set up a Deliveroo for Work account, any member of your team can create a group order link.

They can share this link with other team members, so everyone can add their own dishes to the order.

Find out more about Group Ordering