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Deliveroo and Allo Beirut Launch a Limited-Edition Vimto Knefeh Exclusively for Ramadan

The duo have teamed up to offer the ultimate foodie twist to the season available exclusively on Deliveroo

21 March 2023 Introducing a unique blend of the most celebrated flavours of Ramadan, Deliveroo has teamed up with Allo Beirut to craft a limited-edition Vimto Knefeh. By blending the creamy goodness of the traditional dessert with the refreshing flavour of the heritage fruit syrup, the limited-edition Vimto Knefeh is being launched to give residents of the UAE an all-new way to sweeten up their iftar celebrations. Priced at AED 32, the Vimto Knefeh from Allo Beirut will be available only during the month of Ramadan, exclusively on Deliveroo.

The bottle of purple nectar raised to kick off a traditional iftar gathering is now being used as an interesting twist to the UAE’s dessert of choice. Adding a special twist to the sugar syrup that complements the pastry, Allo Beirut is serving its best-seller with a special Vimto syrup. Balancing the sweetness of the dessert, the syrup is infused with a fruity concoction of grape, raspberry, and blackcurrant to create a one-of-a-kind flavour that, while exceptionally unique, is also inherently authentic.

With its unique blend of flavours and cultural significance, the Vimto Knefeh not only celebrates the region’s beloved dessert but also honours the beverage staple that has been synonymous with Ramadan for nearly a century. Being brought together by the region’s much-loved Lebanese street food restaurant and delivered right to the doorstep, exclusively from an award-winning delivery service, this limited-edition dessert is set to be an iconic offering on any iftar table. Note to self: planning to share a portion of Vimto Knefeh is not recommended and could spark friendly feuds.

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