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Deliveroo and House of Pops launch pops for Eid Al Adha

Pops flavours include Cardamom Coffee, Rose Figs and Orange Blossom

9 July 2022 -There is nothing better than a wholesome spread of Eid delicacies, unless it is a spread with an added fix for the post-meal dessert craving! Easing everyone's curiosity to know, “What’s for dessert?” Deliveroo and House of Pops have partnered up to launch not one, but three limited-edition Eid Al Adha flavours.

The partnership comes at the perfect time of Eid which brings with it a justified excuse to indulge, and ‘sugar up’ with some special popsicles to beat the heat and certainly, elevate your feast! No, not the regular refined sugar - these popsicles are all naturally sweetened so feel free to shun the inner voice that stops you from enjoying (and eating) to your full potential!

The three, completely vegan and ‘healthy’, popsicles are 100% natural, free of refined sugar and most of all completely guilt-free. With Eid marking a beautiful time of the year to spread some warmth, what better way to celebrate than with 3 extra pops of handcrafted icy love? One for every mood, the popsicles (80 ml each) include a variety of the region’s loved flavours like Cardamom Coffee, Rose Figs and everyone’s favourite, Orange Blossom, each priced at AED 20! To enliven the essence of Eid, House of Pops has handpicked these ingredients to craft them with love just for the occasion.

Here’s a sneak peak into the limited-edition Eid Al Adha popsicles:

Rose Figs: The popsicle brings a modern twist to Mediterranean magic with a splash of refreshing rose water and rich coconut cream, nutritionally enriched with slices of fresh figs

Coffee Cardamom: As a perfect solution for the needed coffee fix in the pounding summer heat, the popsicle is a creative, icestick-lickin’ good rendition of the iced coffee

Orange Blossom: The popsicle is crafted with a blend of fresh oranges & essence to enliven one’s day with an awesome blossom party right in one’s mouth!

Why order just one popsicle when you can get them in a bundle? The exclusive flavours will be available in House of Pops’ Happiness Box of 5 priced at AED 85 or as a box of 10 priced at AED 150. Alternatively, customers can also make their own box of these exclusive flavours, priced at AED 140 for 9 popsicles.

Available exclusively on Deliveroo, the limited-edition pops will be on sale for customers throughout the Eid holidays, starting Friday 8th July to Monday 11th July. Whether customers choose to have some all by themselves (no judgements made!) or host a room full of guests, nothing can beat the joy of indulging in a popsicle no matter how old one is!

P.S. Those after-meal sweet cravings won’t go away by themselves so simply place your order from House of Pops exclusively on the Deliveroo app and spread the ‘chill’ this Eid Al Adha!

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