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Deliveroo and Humantra launch Hydration Station as part of Rider Summer Initiatives

Deliveroo has announced the launch of an additional summer initiative aimed at enhancing the well-being and safety of riders across the UAE.

10th June 2024 Deliveroo has announced the launch of an additional summer initiative aimed at enhancing the well-being and safety of riders across the UAE. In collaboration with Humantra, Deliveroo has introduced a ‘Hydration Station’, designed to offer riders a convenient and flavourful rejuvenation solution while delivering orders to customers across the country.

Decked with Humantra and Deliveroo’s distinctive branding, this mobile station will make pit stops in key areas of Dubai including Hessa Street, Mirdif City Center, Al Sufouh, and City Walk throughout the summer season. Riders are invited to visit the Hydration Station to replenish their energy with Humantra’s Rose-flavoured electrolytes alongside a cold bottle of water.

Using only natural ingredients, Humantra sachets are a plant-based, sugar-free electrolyte and antioxidant drink mix featuring all 6 essential electrolytes. Their ease of use and convenient packaging make them a perfect solution for riders to stay hydrated throughout the summer. This collaboration not only champions the cause of rider welfare but is also a testament to Deliveroo’s commitment to continue enhancing its initiatives with every passing year.

Yazan Aburaqabeh, Director of Operations at Deliveroo Middle East said, “At Deliveroo we value our agency riders and the indispensable role they play in our ecosystem. By introducing the Hydration Station in collaboration with Humantra, we aim to fortify our ongoing summer initiatives which include rest areas at Roo Buses, Editions sites, and HOP sites, as well as investments in our rider kits, and the organisation of seasonal rider events. Through our summer initiatives, we aim to ensure riders feel supported, hydrated, energised, and recognised as they navigate the streets this season.”

Beyond the Hydration Station, Deliveroo is bringing back its various summer initiatives tailored to enhance the comfort and safety of riders throughout the summer. These include Pit Stops in the form of Roo Buses, Chilled Water and Juice Distribution, Rider Kits, and Seasonal Rider Events. The company has also implemented its annual scheduling optimisation measures. This will ensure that riders are not scheduled to work for more than 2 hours during midday peak hours and can effectively manage their workload during the day.

Roo Buses

Starting June 1st until the end of summer, Deliveroo is deploying its fleet of air-conditioned Roo Buses across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ajman, Sharjah, and Ras Al Khaimah. Serving the purpose of pitstop rest areas, the cooled buses and coasters will be accessible to riders throughout the week, allowing riders to take breaks from the weather. To ensure riders locate them effortlessly to cool down, hydrate, and relax between orders, the pit stops have been given distinct branding. In addition to the mobile rest stops located in high-density rider zones, Deliveroo locations like Editions sites and HOP across Dubai and Abu Dhabi also serve as rest areas for riders.

Water Distribution

Every year, Deliveroo launches extensive communication efforts to equip riders with valuable advice and guidance on staying hydrated, managing the heat, and prioritising their well-being throughout the season. Water distribution is provided to all riders, along with access to water dispensers for the purpose of refilling bottles. Deliveroo also aims to continue promoting the use of Dubai Can’s stations across the city by distributing additional refillable water bottles to riders. Furthermore, restaurants are urged to offer water and rest areas for riders, while customers are encouraged to provide water to riders upon delivery.

Rider Kits

To improve rider comfort during the summer, Deliveroo has further invested in its rider kits which include cooling vests designed to lower body temperature and cooling towels. Designed to protect the rider’s phone and bike while enhancing screen visibility, the company is also installing windshield visors on bikes.

Seasonal Rider Events

Finally, in addition to the summer initiatives, Deliveroo’s Rider Operations team will be arranging rider events with indoor sports activities throughout the season.

Deliveroo’s rider summer initiatives extend beyond hydration, encompassing a holistic approach to support riders throughout the summer season. By partnering with Humantra and implementing its diverse range of ongoing initiatives, Deliveroo reinforces its position as a leader in rider welfare, ensuring riders navigate the summer months safely and comfortably.

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