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Deliveroo and Pitfire Pizza Present Thanksgiving…On a Slice!

A limited-edition pizza inspired by Thanksgiving flavours is being delivered fresh out of the oven for the festive season

11 November 2022 -To welcome the holiday season, Deliveroo and Pitfire Pizza have introduced a twist to the traditional family dinner with… ‘Thanksgiving on a slice’. Designed to bring together the abundance of food and flavours that come with the season, the limited-edition pizza will be available exclusively on Deliveroo throughout the month of November, starting from Friday 11th.

Inspired by Thanksgiving flavours, the limited-edition pizza, priced at only AED 50 features a savoury homemade gravy base, topped with a rich serving of roasted Turkey and classic mozzarella cheese. It also includes an even spread of candied sweet potatoes, traditional Thanksgiving stuffing made with sage, onion and sausage, and is finished with a generous drizzle of spiced cranberry sauce. Achieving that perfect blend of crackled turkey skin, Pitfire Pizza’s 10” crafty delicacy of the season, available exclusively on Deliveroo, will give customers a chance to pass around some touching words of gratitude with a ceiling-high stack of Thanksgiving pizzas crafted just for the occasion!

With everyone finishing their second helpings and ready to go back for more, this Thanksgiving may just be the first of many to leave no leftovers whatsoever. But if not, even reserves don’t sound like a bad idea with the option to rejoice in the heavenly bite of cold pizza as a ready-to-eat breakfast the next day. Pro tip from Deliveroo and Pitfire Pizza: those celebrating Thanksgiving should do themselves a favour by stuffing themselves silly because there’s nothing more heartwarming than a box full of pizza and a room full of family and friends.

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