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Deliveroo Collaborates with Taaleem to Launch ‘Lyn’s Food Adventure’,

Deliveroo UAE has teamed up with Taaleem, one of the largest K-12 premium education providers in the UAE to raise awareness about food waste.

17 May 2023 Deliveroo UAE has teamed up with Taaleem, one of the largest K-12 premium education providers in the UAE to raise awareness about food waste. With the launch of an English and Arabic storybook titled ‘Lyn’s Food Adventure’ for children between the ages of 3 and 8, the duo aims to inspire the foodies of tomorrow to start making a difference today. The storybook has been created to help families become more sustainable, with a focus on instilling conscious habits into their children from a young age. The launch of the book comes off the back of Deliveroo’s global Full Life campaign, designed to support local communities and tackle food insecurities around the world. ‘Lyn’s Food Adventure’ will be distributed across all of Taaleem’s schools and will also be available for a free reading experience online on a dedicated website.

Authored by Ayah Halawany and illustrated by Aman Darwish, ‘Lyn’s Food Adventure’ takes children on an exciting journey filled with practical tips on how to reduce food waste. From reusing leftovers, juicing up over-ripe fruits, and sharing extra food with those in need, children will learn about the importance of being responsible consumers and how small measures go a long way in making a positive impact on the community. Through creative illustrations and a child-friendly story, the book explains the simple ways children can contribute to the cause. To spread the message far and wide across UAE’s diverse community, ‘Lyn’s Food Adventure’ is available in both English and Arabic.

Carole Lecointre, Head of Marketing at Taaleem, recently spoke about the importance of meeting the UAE’s 2023 goal to reduce food loss and waste by 50%. She believes that as educators, it's the most timely and perfect opportunity to inspire young minds through fun and educational ways to be part of the change. “It's when children are young that they best learn good habits and values that they can carry into adulthood. That's why Taaleem has collaborated with Deliveroo on the launch of Lyn's Food Adventure; a program that teaches our young people about the significance of reducing food waste and how they can contribute to making a difference. By imparting these small, but important ‘foodie lessons’ to children, we will sow the seeds to inspire the upcoming generation(s) to become responsible citizens who value sustainable practices. With initiatives like this, we believe it's never too early to start showing how small actions can be making big differences.”

Taghrid Oraibi, Head of Communications at Deliveroo Middle East added, “The UAE is one of the leading regions that has left no stone unturned to fight food insecurity. As we continue to progress towards becoming a more conscious community through many of our initiatives under our global Full Life campaign, we at Deliveroo, hope to support the little foodies of today to become responsible consumers of tomorrow.”

For children who enjoy a good read while they’re snuggled up in bed, or lounging on the couch, the storybook is more than just a one-time foodie adventure. It is their first step in becoming more mindful of food waste and an experience that is guaranteed to help them ask the right questions about our world from a young age!

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