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Deliveroo Editions Receives ‘Grade A - Gold’ Rating

Dubai Municipality’s Food Safety Department has awarded all Deliveroo Editions sites a Gold rating

20 February 2023 Deliveroo Editions, the aggregator’s trusted solution for restaurants to chart out growth, has been awarded a ‘Grade A - Gold’ score across all locations by Dubai Municipality’s Food Safety Department for successfully implementing the highest standards for quality and hygiene.

Launched in the UAE in 2017, Deliveroo Editions is the delivery service’s revolutionary platform that facilitates the expansion and growth of both up-and-coming and established F&B brands. Through its strategically located off-site kitchens owned and operated by Deliveroo, restaurant partners gain the ability to reach new customers without having to invest in a brick-and-mortar location.

Dubai Municipality’s rating system is designed to highlight efforts made by food and beverage establishments to ensure hygiene and safe working conditions. Following strict criteria, inspectors visit kitchens across the city to examine their food safety procedures. The grading criteria include the implementation of strategic food safety programmes, the application of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) risk analysis, and the elimination of risk related to the food chain from raw materials to the consumer table. In order to receive a Gold rating, restaurants must have been awarded Grade A for two consecutive inspections.

Fadel Belmahdi, Head of Editions Middle East at Deliveroo said, ‘We are proud that all of our Deliveroo Editions sites qualified for ‘Grade A - Gold’ from Dubai Municipality’s Food Safety Department. Our model is based on offering restaurants the resources to grow their brand without having to invest in a brick and mortar location. This recognition is a testament to our commitment to implementing the highest standards in quality as well as the best food safety management processes.’

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