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Deliveroo Goes ‘Coco’ this World Chocolate Day

In celebration of World Chocolate Day, Deliveroo reveals UAE residents’ chocolate habits and favourite treats available at their fingertips

4 July 2023 For centuries, chocolate has been enjoyed by humans, encouraging chocolate specialists to create unique edible masterpieces. UAE’s restaurants and chefs have embraced the evolving food trends and incorporated the esteemed cocoa bean into unique dishes. While innovative chocolate consumption takes over the food scene, UAE residents still yearn to consume the versatile bean in the simplest of ways, and Deliveroo gets it. To celebrate World Chocolate Day on the 7th of July, Deliveroo is giving a peek into UAE’s love for the coco.

To refrigerate or not to refrigerate?

In a recent Deliveroo survey conducted by YouGov, a surprising 29% of respondents admitted to storing chocolate in a room-temperature environment, leaving 71% of the respondents keeping their chocolate safely chilled in the refrigerator. This suggests that the UAE’s chocolate enthusiasts are keen on enjoying their treats perfectly chilled, enhancing the overall sensory experience.

Milk Vs. dark chocolate

While studies have shown that there are significant health benefits to consuming dark chocolate, there are of course different percentages to satisfy all taste buds. The survey revealed that respondents were nearly equally divided between milk and dark chocolate. Milk chocolate took the lead with 43% selecting it as their top choice, followed closely behind by dark chocolate at 40% of the respondents. White chocolate, known to be one of the sweetest variants of chocolate, was selected by 15%.

For the love of mocha

Cocoa beans are not the only loved bean amongst UAE residents. The coffee culture in the UAE has experienced a significant evolution over the past years resulting in the country becoming home to some of the best roasteries and home-grown cafés. While residents take their coffees very seriously, some coffee lovers enjoy adding different flavours to their coffee. A remarkable 18% of respondents expressed their affinity for adding chocolate to their coffee, showcasing the love for this delectable flavour pairing.

Emphasizing how versatile chocolate can be, Deliveroo, the leading food delivery service, also revealed the most sought-after chocolate dishes among customers. From cookies, all the way to bubble tea, below are Deliveroo's most popular chocolate-infused delights:

  • Milk Chocolate Cookie from Ben’s Cookies
  • Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Cookie from Crumb & Co
  • Nutella Sea Salt Cookie from Joga
  • Chocolate Milk Tea from OhMyBoba

Alongside these treats, Deliveroo also highlighted the most popular chocolate items through grocery partners:

  • 62% Dark Chocolate from the Hazelnut Slab
  • Rocky Chocolate Ice Cream from Brooklyn Creamery
  • Belgian Chocolate from Haagen Daz

    The survey results alongside Deliveroo’s most popular chocolate dishes showcase the UAE’s unwavering love affair with chocolate and its versatility to captivate a diverse range of taste buds.

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