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Deliveroo Launches “Never Miss Out Ever” Campaign

Deliveroo UAE Introduces The Fomo Man, a character that claims to have experienced it all!

11 May 2023 Deliveroo has just introduced its latest marketing campaign “Never Miss Out Ever”. Marking its place in the Middle Eastern market, and highlighting the importance of food delivery, Deliveroo created a timeless character “The Fomo Man” who claims to have done it all, seen it all, and has the photographic evidence to prove it. However, there is one experience he has yet to discover - Deliveroo. “Never Miss Out Ever” is designed to tap into the universal fear of missing out while portraying Deliveroo as an experience that even the most accomplished person - the legendary Fomo Man - can still discover.

Set in a perspective of behind-the-scenes from an interview with The Fomo Man, the film captures a glimpse of timeless moments from the life of a man who has accomplished everything except ordering from Deliveroo. The character is played by Mohammed Badr, known as @mobadrcomedy, a Dubai/UAE based comedian (former dentist) who has successfully performed over 2,000 shows in just 6 years. Identifying as a youthful, vibrant, and relatable brand that appeals to a diverse pool of customers, Deliveroo’s latest campaign comes with the promise of ensuring that customers never miss out on anything…especially when it comes to great food, deals & exclusive offers.

“Never Miss Out Ever” has been brought to life in collaboration with MORE, a 360 blended client experience, an amalgam and merger of three award-winning specialist agencies - Nudge Media, Soundstruck Studios, and Triangle MENA. Conceptualised by Elie Iskandar and Edmond Mattar, directed by Jad Eid, and edited by Elie Iskandar, the campaign was shot locally in Dubai.

George Schempers, Head of Marketing, Deliveroo UAE said “We are excited to unveil our latest campaign “Never Miss Out Ever” in collaboration with MORE, featuring our timeless character, “The Fomo Man” - the man, the myth, the legend. With a dash of humour, this is our promise to customers that through the Deliveroo experience, they will never miss out on great food, like the Fomo Man sadly did despite all his amazing accomplishments! This campaign is purely inspired by the UAE and its diverse residents, who might have done all there is to do in the world, but their life really isn’t complete without the ultimate food delivery experience.”

“Never Miss Out Ever” is a fully UAE-owned concept and campaign that celebrates the creativity and talent of the region.

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