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Deliveroo Plus Subscribers More than Double in UAE

Deliveroo UAE announced the remarkable growth of its consumer subscription service, Deliveroo Plus

16 January 2024 Deliveroo UAE announced the remarkable growth of its consumer subscription service, Deliveroo Plus, with the number of subscribers increasing 174% year-over-year in 2023. This milestone is a clear testament to the significant increase in value and convenience that customers have experienced through their Deliveroo Plus subscription.

Customers across the UAE have the opportunity to choose between two distinct subscription tiers: Deliveroo Plus Gold, and Deliveroo Plus Silver. The Gold subscription priced at AED 29 per month, offers unlimited free delivery on all orders above AED 30. Meanwhile, the Silver subscription, available at an enticing AED 19 per month, provides free delivery for all orders above AED 60.

In addition, the Deliveroo Plus subscription offers customers a range of exclusive offers and perks, in addition to the ‘On-Time Promise’, guaranteeing customers AED 20 in credit if the order arrives later than expected.

In May 2022, Deliveroo partnered with Amazon, providing UAE Prime members complimentary access to 12 months of Deliveroo Plus Silver membership alongside their Amazon Prime subscription. The aim of this strategic partnership was to enhance the food delivery experience for Prime members, providing greater convenience and rewards by utilising Deliveroo's extensive network of both popular F&B household chains and independent restaurants.

Anis Harb, General Manager at Deliveroo Middle East, said “Since the launch of our subscription service, Deliveroo Plus, we've witnessed remarkable growth. We're committed to further investment in our Plus subscription programme and fostering its expansion through strategic partnerships and developing innovative strategies to ensure that our Plus customers consistently receive enhanced value and savings.”

Deliveroo Plus has become an integral part of the on-demand delivery journey for customers, offering not just food and essentials but an enhanced experience that combines convenience, savings, and exclusive perks. The exceptional growth in 2023 is a testament to the service’s popularity and the evolving needs of customers who seek more than just a delivery service.

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