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Deliveroo’s Teal Santa Is Coming To This Year’s Festive Ripe Market

On the 10th and 11th of December, Deliveroo’s teal Santa will be giving away the gift of food and toys for children

5 December 2022 Christmas time is near and the festive cheer echoing across the city is living proof! As everyone goes about making the most of this wonderful time of the year, Deliveroo has decided to add in its exciting dash of teal to make the celebrations… truly santapplause-worthy! To spread the buzz in the most refreshing way, Deliveroo’s very own teal Santa will be making his way to the community’s most loved weekend destination - the festive Ripe Market!

Offering just the right tour for those wanting to browse through local trinkets, whimsical Christmas lights, and indulge in a range of artisanal nibbles and more, celebrations at The Ripe Market will see a welcome twist with Deliveroo’s wacky teal Santa. True to the thrill of Christmas gifting (and guilt-free eating), Deliveroo’s eccentric Santa will be distributing fun toys to children and food vouchers to adults, for one weekend only, on the 10th & 11th of December between 4 pm to 6 pm.

Anyone that has been to The Ripe Market would know that there is nothing quite like its Christmas festivities that enliven the spirit of a close-knit community. A space where homegrown businesses come together to host a range of local gems, The Ripe Market’s creative variety of fresh food, fashion and organic produce continue to uphold its reputation for being a buzzworthy hotspot in the holiday season.

With The Ripe Market bringing the community together and Deliveroo keeping the community merry and fed, Dubai’s favourite market at Police Academy will be a bustling weekend spot that foodie lovers wouldn't want to miss!

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