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Deliveroo UAE Launched Rider Awareness Programme Ahead of Ramadan in partnership with The Permanent Committee of Labour Affairs

The Secretary General of the PCLA in Dubai introduced attendees to the Ramadan rider awareness programme with words of encouragement and highlighted the continuous efforts made by Deliveroo to enhance the safety of riders

  • As part of the PCLA’s continuous efforts to hold training sessions for riders, they aimed to highlight the health and safety regulations riders must adhere to during Ramadan. To further support this, Mitun De Sarkar, a certified Clinical Dietician, presented an interactive session around nutrition & lifestyle ahead of the month of Ramadan
  • Hundreds of riders were invited to attend the educational session which took place on March 7th
  • To ensure rider safety and well-being throughout the month of Ramadan, all agency riders received a recording of the session with key takeaways in weekly newsletters

    9 March 2023 Deliveroo UAE has partnered with The Permanent Committee of Labour Affairs (PCLA), and Mitun De Sarkar, a certified Clinical Dietician to launch a rider awareness programme ahead of Ramadan. Enhancing its focus on rider well-being, Deliveroo invited hundreds of agency riders to attend a live educational session presented by PCLA and Mitun De Sarkar on March 7th. A session recording, along with key takeaways, has been shared with all agency riders through newsletters and in-app notifications.

    PCLA in Dubai presented an educational awareness programme to riders which covered topics like culture, as well as labour and immigration laws. The session also touched upon key regulations for health and safety in the UAE. Presented in both English and Urdu, the sessions also reminded riders of safety tips including wearing the proper rider-kits and following bike box regulations.

    With 20 years of professional experience in healthy foods, weight management, and healing, Mitun De Sarkar, a Dubai-based Clinical Dietician, joined Deliveroo’s workshop to educate riders on best practices to ensure their health and wellness throughout the month. The multilingual session consisted of tips on how to measure and consume the recommended amount of water between sunset and sunrise, on recommended beverage types, and on foods to eat during iftar and to avoid during suhour. She also touched upon dos and don’ts to staying healthy and hydrated throughout the month and ended the session with Q&As with riders.

    Yazan Aburaqabeh, Head of Operations at Deliveroo said, “Deliveroo’s agency riders are a key part of our business and we are constantly seeking opportunities to enhance their well-being and working environment. While they dedicate themselves to keeping the city fed during Ramadan, we wanted to make sure they had all the necessary resources to stay healthy and hydrated throughout the month. We would like to thank PCLA for their constant support and for dedicating time to facilitate our educational sessions throughout the year.”

    In addition to the educational session, Deliveroo UAE will be launching several initiatives throughout the month to embrace the spirit of Ramadan. The award-winning food delivery service will be hosting iftar events across 6 cities in the UAE to celebrate the occasion with its riders. Deliveroo will also be dedicating a Roo Van to distribute iftar meals and beverages to riders across the cities they currently operate in. In the interest of also giving back to riders who ensure the city is kept fed, Deliveroo will be rewarding riders with bonuses for their top performance.

    At Deliveroo, rider safety and well-being are of utmost importance, and the leading food delivery service is committed to providing a safe working environment for all its agency riders. Deliveroo currently has ongoing activities for riders like the Roo Van, the Deliveroo Champions initiative, the Roowards initiative, as well as regular training programs.

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