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Get the Halloween Party ‘Startled’ with Deliveroo and SugarMoo's Limited-Edition Brain Cake

Serial binge-watcher or not, the limited-edition cake is sure to make anyone go - Oh Dahm-er!

28 October 2022 - To mark the spookiest time of the year, Deliveroo has partnered with SugarMoo to create a limited edition ‘Brain Cake’ set to launch just in time for Halloween 2022. Designed to send chills down spines, and not necessarily for the faintest of hearts, the hyper-realistic Halloween Brain Cake will be available exclusively on Deliveroo from the 28th to the 31st of October!

For fans and freaks of the season, the pressure to host a hair-raising evening can finally be lifted with Deliveroo and SugarMoo designing a solution that is guaranteed to turn (and spin) heads! The spooktacular 6-inch cake being whipped up by the homegrown bakery will be priced at AED 450. What might appear to be a gruesome and rather unusual addition to a Halloween table, will actually be the bakery’s best-selling Choco Loco Cake, filled with a touch of silky chocolate mousse. Perfect for those looking to pull out all the stops this Halloween, SugarMoo’s limited-edition edible masterpiece can be shared between 6 to 8 people.

Available exclusively on the Deliveroo app between the 28th and 31st of October, the Brain Cake is the ideal addition to this year’s Halloween spread and an even better gift for fellow foodies who like pushing the boundaries when it comes to putting together that perfect Halloween scare. Serial binge-watchers and true crime nuts are guaranteed to get an extra kick out of this one given the recent buzz generated by one particular serial killer on our TV screens. Whether the cake rings a bell or doesn’t, it is sure to make anyone go - Oh Dahm-er!

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