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In collaboration with the Integrated Transport Center, Deliveroo UAE is Implementing a Rider Safety Programme

The training programme is part of ITC’s continuous efforts to enhance rider well-being and educate riders on road safety

12 July 2023 In collaboration with the Integrated Transport Center (ITC) and under the umbrella of the Traffic Committee in Abu Dhabi, Deliveroo UAE has started implementing the Rider Safety Programme. The initiative aims to provide riders the knowledge and skills for safe practices on the road, and is part of Deliveroo’s ongoing commitment to improving rider well-being. The intensive training programme was developed by ITC to support delivery riders and to equip Deliveroo supervisors to train its entire fleet.

The training program covered important safety measures for riders to keep in mind when navigating the streets, with the goal of ensuring their safety and reducing the occurrence of accidents and injuries while making deliveries. Presented in both Urdu and English, the training session covered various crucial topics to enhance rider safety and minimise risks while navigating the streets. These topics included the importance of wearing protective gear, adhering to speed limits, understanding riding rules, practising safe riding techniques, avoiding distractions, and refraining from tailgating and reckless riding.

The course emphasised on the significance of wearing comprehensive protective gear, including a full-face helmet, padded jacket and trousers, protective boots, and sturdy gloves. Riders were also instructed on essential practices, such as regularly checking side mirrors and blind spots, utilising indicators, and maintaining visibility to other vehicles. Strict adherence to designated speed limits and following safe distances were strongly emphasised. In the event of an accident, riders were provided with guidance on appropriate actions to take and how to promptly contact the relevant authorities for assistance. They were also advised to conduct regular inspections of their bikes to ensure they were in a safe and operable condition, which included checking tire pressure on a weekly basis. Furthermore, riders were consistently reminded of the importance of maintaining cleanliness, as it ensures optimal visibility of headlights, brake lights, and indicators at all times.

Yazan Aburaqabeh, Head of Operations at Deliveroo said, “ITC Abu Dhabi's constant support in strengthening rider safety measures and facilitating educational training sessions is greatly appreciated. Deliveroo recognizes the fundamental role played by riders in daily operations and is committed to prioritising their safety and well-being. Our goal is to equip them with the essential knowledge and skills to navigate the roads safely while delivering food across the country.”

Engineer Omar Al Shehhi, Head of Goods Transport Licensing Department, indicated that “ITC participates and follows up on the implementation of such programmes and provides continuous instruction and guidance courses for delivery riders. This contributes to achieving the objectives of Goods Transport Regulation No. 74 of 2021, of which the most important are ensuring traffic safety for motorcycle operators and road users as well as organising the Goods Transportation Department in the emirate. ITC follows up with organisations to ensure they register and obtain the necessary operational licences after fulfilling the requirements through approved channels (Asateel)”.

Furthermore, Deliveroo UAE introduced several initiatives to support riders throughout the summer including a fleet of air-conditioned Roo Buses and coasters dedicated to support rider safety and well-being. Deliveroo also has a network of Roo Vans which provides riders with essential services such as minor bike repairs, checks for rear box lights, and basic first aid when required in addition to designated rest areas in high-density rider zones across all emirates.

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