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Oh Fudge! And Deliveroo Are Serving Up a Sweet Dose of Self Love this Valentine’s Day

A limited-edition Self-Love Box of Brownies featuring quirky affirmations is being offered as a comforting guide to those celebrating Valentine’s Day by themselves

30 January 2023 For those single by choice, braving through a breakup or finding themselves in a situationship, Oh Fudge! is set to sprinkle a chocolatey dose of self-love to the dense air of Valentine’s Day romance. Presenting a brownie to beat every kind of frownie, the homegrown bakery has partnered up with Deliveroo to spread the goodness of good ol’ dark chocolate and keep the stress of being a lonesome single at bay! The limited-edition Self-Love box, available exclusively on Deliveroo, will feature quirky affirmations to remind all the singles in the city that while love can come in any form, the best one ever known is self-love! The limited-edition box crafted just for the occasion by Oh Fudge! will be available from February 11th to February 14th.

Each brownie inscribed with a quirky affirmation highlights the 101 principles of ‘what to do’ and ‘what not to do’ when celebrating Valentine’s Day alone. Customers can expect their brownies to refresh their memory of post-breakup rules such as “Don’t text your ex” and “Yelling can be healing”. The limited-edition, Self-Love box will be available in 2 sizes, exclusively on the Deliveroo app from February 11th, leading up to Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February. The Self-Love box of 6, priced at AED 110, includes 2 Nutella, 2 Belgian Milk Chocolate and 2 Dark Chocolate brownies. While the larger box of 12, priced at AED 189 will have a mix of flavours including the season-favourite variety of dark chocolate.

With pop culture increasingly celebrating singlehood, Deliveroo and Oh Fudge! are adding custom made brownies into the mix because loving yourself doesn’t have to stop at flowers and spa dates.

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