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Deliveroo took a moment to look back over the past year to reveal their annual ’Deliveroo 100 Report’ - a list of the top trending dishes

15 December 2022 As the year comes to an end, leading food-delivery service Deliveroo took a moment to look back over the past year to reveal their annual ’Deliveroo 100 Report’ - a list of the top trending dishes ordered on the platform from across the world. While Pita Chawarma from Poulet Mezzencore, Paris, France took first place, the Chicken Sando from homegrown favourite, Pickl, was ranked at an impressive number 4! This year's eclectic mix of take-away favourites makes for an exciting read with 9 out of the 100 favourite dishes being from the UAE.

While 9 dishes from the UAE made it to Deliveroo’s Top 100, 4 of them were from homegrown restaurants like PICKL, Operation Falafel, High Joint, and Manoushe Street reinforcing the diverse and ever-evolving food scene in the country.

Here’s a look into the UAE dishes that made it to Deliveroo’s Top 100 Report: CHICKEN SANDO, PICKL, Dubai, UAE McChicken Meal, McDonald's, Dubai, UAE Famous Chicken, Zaatar w Zeit, Dubai, UAE Classic Falafel, Operation Falafel, Dubai, UAE ShackBurger, Shake Shack, Dubai, UAE High Jamz Burger, High Joint, Dubai, UAE Akkawi Cheese, Manoushe Street, Dubai, UAE 2-pc Chickenjoy with side, Jollibee, Dubai, UAE Twister Sandwich, KFC, Dubai, UAE

While globally, 2022 saw customers branching out with their eating habits, the UAE dishes that made it to the Deliveroo 100 report reveal that burgers, sandwiches & wraps, and fried chicken remain a top favourite amongst residents.

Burritos have reached the top spot in three markets, and whether in a wrap or a bowl they make up 5% of the global 100 trending dishes. It’s no surprise that pizza makes up 4% of the global 100, and people around the world are keeping it traditional with all four pizzas being the classic Margarita. Nonetheless, a firm favourite in the Deliveroo 100 throughout the years is the trusty burger, which has remained the top choice for food delivery around the world, making up nearly a quarter (24%) of the global 100 list. A closer look at Deliveroo’s top 100 reveals some fun foodie ordering trends over the course of 2022.

Crazy For Chicken Whether fried, grilled, rolled into a wrap, or between two buns, it’s clear that people love chicken with poultry-based dishes filling nearly a quarter (23%) of all the spots on this year's Deliveroo 100. Favourites include the number 1 dish, Pita Chawarma poulet (Shawarma kebab) from Mezzencore, Paris, France, the Chicken Sando from PICKL, Dubai, UAE, The McChicken Meal from McDonald’s, Dubai, UAE, the Famous Chicken from Zaatar x Zeit, Dubai, UAE.

Tasty Traditions Some countries around the world are keeping it traditional, with favourite national dishes making it to the list, including Pain Au Chocolat from Chez Meunier, Paris, France, Spice Bag from Xian Street Food, Galway, Ireland, Pizza Margherita from Assaje, Milano, Italy, Classic Falafel from Operation Falafel, Dubai, UAE and Akkawi Cheese from Manoushe Street, Dubai, UAE.

Comforting Classics Our classic comfort foods - pizza, burgers, burritos and kebabs - fill 34 of the spots on this year’s Deliveroo 100, with favourites including the Chicken Sando from PICKL, Dubai, UAE, ShackBurger from Shake Shack, Dubai, UAE, High Jamz Burger from High Joint, Dubai UAE, and Double Mushroom Swiss Meal from Burger King, Singapore.

Hands On Customers around the world are ditching the knife, fork, and spoon for a more hands-on experience - 60.6% of the 94 dishes in the global Deliveroo 100 list (excluding drinks and grocery items) are foods that people tend to eat with their hands such as the 2-pc Chickenjoy with side from Jollibee, Dubai, UAE, and the Twister Sandwich from KFC, Dubai, UAE, meaning that customers around the food are choosing to have a cutlery free experience when ordering a Deliveroo.

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