Dessert delivery in UAE

While tourism in UAE is booming, thanks to the weather, desert adventures and water sports, the country’s food has also gained high praise from visitors, particular when it comes to dessert options. After a long day in the sun, exploring all of the attractions in which areas within the UAE have to offer, there is nothing better than returning home to a tasty treat from Deliveroo.

Whether it be traditional dessert dishes such as luqaimat, baklava and ranjina, or something from further afield, including a succulent cheesecake or apple crumble, Deliveroo have all bases covered, perfect for even the fussiest of dinner guests. Only the finest ingredients are used in order to prepare and cook such treats, with the majority of the country able to utilise our fantastic service. Sit back, relax and wait in anticipation for some of the most delicious desserts around – straight to your door!

UAE: Tasty treats brought to your door

With the temperatures in the UAE often reaching supremely high levels, refreshing ice cream may well be the perfect selection. However for those fancying something to finish off the day in style, a whole range of tarts, pies and cakes are available to order. With fantastic restaurants and outlets available, both locals and tourists are in for a treat.

Deliveroo even ensure that there is no reason to leave your house or hotel room, with deliveries available around the clock. The only trouble may be ensuring that you can keep your dessert to yourself, with tantalising treats certain to draw attention. We all deserve to indulge in a dessert every now and then, so no matter the day of the week, treat yourself with Deliveroo today.

No matter if it is for a family celebration or simply a meal for one, our fine restaurants ensure that all dishes are cooked to the highest standards, before our delivery drivers bring your chosen dessert to you within minutes. Thanks to our delivery service, you can now place an order from some of the country’s top restaurants, helping to bring delicious and sweet dishes straight to your door.