Lebanese food delivery in Dubai

Lebanese food is a healthy cuisine, low in animal fat, which combines Mediterranean and Arabic influences. Like Greek or Italian cuisine, olive oil is used plentifully, and lemon juice is often added to dishes to add a touch of citrus freshness. Chickpeas and garlic are other flavours which are common. Lebanese cuisine dates back thousands of years to the Phoenicians, but has also been influenced by other cultures who have ruled the region, such as Turkey and France.

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Dubai: Get great Lebanese food delivered to your door!

Mezze dishes are a typical part of Lebanese cuisine. Similar to Spanish tapas, mezze usually consist of a selection of small dishes, representing a range of flavours and ingredients, and are an important part of social gatherings in the Lebanon. Humus, raw or pickled vegetables, baba ghanouj and different types of bread all frequently feature in a selection of mezze. Grilled seafood and meat, as well as salad, is often added to mezze to make a complete meal. More exotic items such as stuffed vine leaves also occur.

Pita bread is often used to complement many Lebanese dishes, including stews known as yakneh, which can take a variety of forms, and often feature meat and vermicelli. Many Lebanese love to eat tabbouleh too, a cold dish made from bulgar wheat or couscous, seasoned with mint, lemon juice, and onions, and sometimes with garlic.

Eating good food should be about relaxing and enjoying yourself, not worrying about whether or not you can book a table at a restaurant at the right time. Let Deliveroo take all the stress out of eating fine food, and bring the best of Lebanese cuisine in Dubai direct to your home!