Pizza delivery in UAE

Pizza may be an Italian dish originally, but it has spread across the globe to become a takeaway staple in almost every country across the globe. Whether you are a pizza purist who relishes thin crust Italian classics, or a fast good gourmet with a liking for thick-based extravaganzas with hundreds of toppings, there is nothing to fill a hungry gap like a pizza. Whatever your preferences, you can use Deliveroo to make sure that your favourite pizzas from the best takeaway in town arrive fresh and piping hot at your door.

We work with some of the UAE’s top restaurants, to make sure that your pizza delivery arrives at your home in good time, and perfectly prepared. Use our online service to place your order, and sit back and relax as it wings it way to you from your favourite restaurant, on time and delightfully delicious!

UAE: Find superb Pizza across the country

There is nothing like a pizza for those evenings when you’re in alone and hungry. Equally, sharing a pizza or two with friends is a great way to get together and spend some quality time with each other. It always tastes better when someone else does the cooking too! At Deliveroo, we have partnered up with some of the UAE’s best takeaways to make sure that the finest pizzas can arrive conveniently at your home.

Whether you prefer the simplicity of a Margherita, with its classic combination of cheese and tomato, or prefer something of a beefy meat feast, we can bring it you. Pizza does not have to be unhealthy. Thin-crust, traditional Italian pizzas with light vegetable toppings are as delicious as anything else, especially when accompanied by a green salad. Seafood can make a great topping for pizzas too.

Complete your order with some temptingly delicious side orders. Garlic bread makes a great accompaniment to any meal, especially if topped with cheese or tomato. When it comes to food, Deliveroo puts all your favourite food within easy reach, so call us today, put your feet up, relax, and let someone else do the cooking.