Thai food delivery in UAE

Thai food has become one of the more popular cuisines across the world in recent years, and it is not hard to see why. An often complex cuisine, which produces beautifully balanced dishes, Thai food is a favourite choice of many people who enjoy a takeaway. Whether you prefer the classic pad thai, or are more tempted by the ferociously hot Thai green curry, Deliveroo can ensure that food from your favourite Thai restaurant arrives at your door – fresh, delicious and on time!

We have developed links with some of the country’s finest Thai restaurants, to make sure that their finest dishes are available for you to order online. You might need a meal after working late, or fancy a family treat on a Friday night to start the weekend. Whatever your needs, order with Deliveroo, relax, and wait for dinner to come to you.

UAE: Tasty Thai food delivered to your door

Thai food combines sweet and sour, hot and mild flavours, in unique and interesting ways, creating a cuisine which is immediately identifiable. Fragrant rice dishes are a staple of Thai food, often seasoned with that staple of south-east Asian cooking, fish sauce. Hot and spicy soups, often flavoured with the fresh citrus tang of kaffir lime leaves, also occupy a key role in adding variety to Thai menus.

Coriander, Thai basil and spearmint are among the herbs which combine with complexity to create sensational tastes in Thai dishes. Coconut is used as an ingredient in both main courses and deserts, with its characteristic flavour turning up in both curries and deserts. Coconut milk and coconut oil are used extensively by Thai chefs. Fruits such as pineapple add sweetness to both main courses and desserts.

So if you are a fan of Thai food, why not order from Deliveroo? We can deliver the best Thai food in the country direct to your door. Whether you’re planning an intimate and quiet night in, or are looking for the perfect accompaniment to a party with friends, Thai food can provide the solution. Take the easy option, and order today from Deliveroo!