Chinese food delivery in UAE

Chinese food is eaten and enjoyed right across the globe. This popular cuisine has proved highly adaptable, with different versions of it developing in different countries, often shaped by local tastes, making it the perfect takeaway. Wherever you are in the world, though, a visit to a Chinese restaurant is likely to involve rice, noodles and succulent meat dishes, often featuring dazzling combinations of spices and flavours.

The sheer variety is what makes Chinese cuisine so interesting, and so versatile. A hearty Chinese curry is great for a solo night in, while fried rice, Kung Pao or Chow mein dishes are the perfect accompaniment to an evening of partying with friends. Deliveroo has partnered with some of UAE's top Chinese restaurants to make sure that the best and tastiest Chinese dishes can arrive at your door – perfectly prepared, piping hot and on time!

UAE: Bringing the tastiest Chinese dishes to your home

Chinese food has so much variety, that it is ideal for a mixed dining party of meat lovers and vegetarians. Known for using a variety of characteristic vegetables to bring savour and sumptuousness to its dishes, dishes are often accompanied by baby sweetcorn, water chestnuts and bean sprouts – perfect for those looking for a balanced diet.

While most of us are familiar with the dishes that we can find at our local Chinese takeaway, there is a rich history of regional and ethnic cuisine in China, which is now becoming more established across the world. Shandong and Sichuan dishes, as well as Cantonese and Jiangsu; a variety of flavours can now be found in venues which serve Chinese cuisine. There are plenty of healthier options available too, with much Chinese food eschewing fattier meats and unhealthy cooking methods.

To ensure that your favourite Chinese meals get to your home on time, order from Deliveroo. We provide delivery services from a range of outlets, all providing you with the tastiest Chinese meals in the UAE. Sit back, forget visiting the kitchen, and put your feet up while you wait for your favourite meals to come to you!