Italian food delivery in Dubai

Everybody enjoys Italian food. From hearty dinner staples such as lasagne and pizza, to delicate pasta sauces, to tempting desserts such as tiramisu, Italian food possess a variety and appeal which is hard to match. There are also so many regional specialities, with almost every village having its own recipes and versions of dishes which cannot be found anywhere else. Olive oil, garlic and basil add savour to many dishes, while hints of lemon often add a subtle citrus taste to main courses and desserts.

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Dubai: Italian fare straight to your door

When most people think of Italian cuisine, they automatically think of pasta. But pasta is only one aspect of the culinary rainbow that is Italian cookery. Spaghetti can be served with hearty ragu sauces, often called Bolognese outside Italy, or meatballs. But it can also carry light sauces like aglio e olio (olive oil and garlic), or Alfredo.

There are so many varieties of pasta, too, with chunky, short varieties such as penne being used in some dishes, while longer types such as fettuccine are better suited to other sauces. Baked pasta, known as al forno, crops up in cannelloni and lasagne. Pasta and bean soups are common in Italy too, with each region having its own version. There is so much more than pasta to enjoy too. Risotto is a rice dish, which often contains sea food or vegetables, while, for diners with a sweet tooth, Italian ice cream, introduced to Sicily by Arabs during the Middle Ages, is arguably the finest in the world.

Deliveroo ensures that the textures and flavours of Italian food are available for delivery straight to your home, wherever you are in Dubai. Order from your favourite restaurant, or try something new today.