Mexican food delivery in Dubai

Mexican food is an intriguing blend of influences. It combines native Mexican ingredients, such as tomatoes, chilli peppers, corn, beans and tomatoes, with Spanish recipes and ideas. Due to Mexico’s history, there are African and Asian influences too. Some of the main dishes of Mexican cuisine, such as tacos, tamales and chilli con carne, have become staple dishes in restaurants across the world. Mexican cooking has also taken on board many other influences in recent years, , with dishes such as Sonoran hot dogs showing how flexible and versatile Mexican cookery can be.

Mexican cuisine is perfect party food, but is also a hearty and comforting option for solo dining. Even something as simple as a plate of nachos can be filling, tasty and exciting. We have partnered up with Dubai’s top Mexican eateries to bring your favourite dishes as a delivery to your door.

Dubai: Order now for the best Mexican food

Tacos are one of Mexico’s most famous culinary exports. Consisting of a flat bread called a tortilla, in which various ingredients are then wrapped, they are another example of the way that Mexican cuisine takes simple, street food recipes, and turns them into delicious and delightful dishes. Tacos can be filled with meat or vegetables, and usually also contain some kind of salsa and beans.

Anyone who visits a Mexican restaurant can also expect to find quesadillas on the menu. This is another dish which uses tortillas to wrap cheese, and then grilled. Other ingredients are often added, including meat such as chicken, and vegetables such as sweetcorn. Dishes such as this are often accompanied by something called mole, which is a spicy sauce, mainly used to bring colour and additional savour to meat dishes. Guacamole is an avocado dip, often used to accompany nachos.

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