Thai food delivery in Dubai

Authentic Thai cuisine has become the latest global food phenomenon. People just love its enthusiastic use of the freshest ingredients, aromatic herbs and exotic spices. We have some quality Thai eateries here in Dubai, serving spicy, mild, sweet and sour dishes from the Old Siam. If you want restaurant meals without the crowded restaurant experience, we can help. Deliveroo is your local food delivery service. What we do is fetch high-quality dishes from the finest Thai restaurants in the city and bring them right to your door.

Don’t suffer tasteless TV dinners and boring takeaway meals—you deserve more than that. Enjoy a real tasty Thai spread in the comfort of your own space. Nothing compares to grilled meat satay prepared with fresh turmeric, lemongrass and a delectable peanut sauce dip. Another great starter dish is sun dried crispy beef with garlic, chili sauce and fresh cut coriander leaves.

Dubai: Delivering high-quality Thai meals

Thai fare in Dubai is authentic, meaning you get the full blend of strong and subtle Thai flavor's and food sensations. Chose dishes from hot and spicy to mild and sweet, from salty to sour or a combination of all. The aromatic infusions, textures, smells and exotic flavors of Thai cuisine means there's something to suit all palates. Deliveroo is online now and ready to take your next order.

Choose from a range of flavorsome Thai salads. For something special, a roasted duck dish will provide you with an explosion of fresh Thai herbs, fried onion, lime, mint leaves and a luscious chili dressing. The green papaya salad is another mouthwatering classic, with succulent prawns, carrots green beans, garlic, chili, peanuts and a delectable lime dressing.

Traditional Thai curries are simply sensational. The green coconut-based dish comes with your choice of meat, eggplant, Thai basil and other exotic ingredients. The red chicken curry is a national favorite, as is beef massaman with potato, peanuts and onion, served in a creamy coconut milk. Browse our menus, choose your dishes, and let Deliveroo fetch your meal.