Vegetarian food delivery in UAE

Do you love all things veggie but don’t relish spending hours chopping and slicing? Deliveroo is your new best friend! With us, you can enjoy the finest of vegetarian feasts without having to lift a finger, or even picking up the phone! The takeaway has a reputation for being a less than healthy choice, but with our vegetarian options – you don’t have to make any kind of compromise.

Deliveroo's vegetarian selection is bursting with the best veggie restaurants in UAE. You can order from us with confidence, knowing that you will receive the most scrumptious and fresh food that money can buy. We work with establishments that boast superior and professional chefs who are passionate about making vegetarian food as flavoursome and fantastically delicious as possible. Your meal will be prepared in a top class environment with ingredients that are carefully selected for the best eating experience.

UAE: Guilt-free Vegetarian food from genuine chefs

There are plenty of amazing vegetarian restaurants in UAE, but you don’t always want to have to head out to get a great lunch or dinner. If you’re thinking of giving vegetarianism a whirl, Deliveroo is your go-to resource for the tastiest of vegetable inspired dishes. Maybe you’ve got some veggie guests coming to visit, and you have no idea what to cook for them? We’ve got everything you need right here, and it will be on its way at the click of a button!

Spice things up with a vegetable curry that’s overflowing with flavour. How about a vegetable lasagne, for a taste of Italy that’s meat free? Choose stuffed peppers with cheesy deliciousness, or go for a yummy risotto that has been hand-crafted for your eating pleasure. Try an appetising combo of rice and beans filled with herbs and spices – if it’s on our menus, it’s yours!

What are you waiting for? Get your vegetarian delivery today for a gastronomic experience that you’ll love. Deliveroo is proud to bring you the finest veggie dishes, wherever and whenever you want them. Have a look at our menus – and start your foodie journey right now, no effort required!