Chinese food delivery in Dubai

Chinese food is popular across the world, and almost every town in the world has a Chinese takeaway or restaurant tucked in a corner somewhere. Dishes like fried rice, chow mein and kung po have become favourites across the globe. Chinese chefs are highly adaptable too, and cleverly shape their menus to reflect local tastes. Meat dishes are a staple of Chinese menus, with chicken, pork and beef cooked in a range of flavoursome and often spicy sauces.

Getting together for a Chinese meal is a great way to socialise with friends, but some noodles or a rice dish are also perfect for a solo night in. We feature some of the best restaurants around and ensure great Chinese cuisine can be delivered to your door, ready for you to enjoy, wherever you are in Dubai. Order, sit back, relax and wait for your food to arrive.

Dubai: Get succulent Chinese meals delivered to your door

Chinese cuisine has a range of dishes to suit almost every taste. Those with carnivorous palates can choose from delicious and savoury meat dishes, while vegetarians will find many tempting offerings on Chinese menus too. Chinese cuisine uses vegetables such as water chestnuts, bean sprouts and mushrooms to bring texture and flavour to its dishes, often in very subtle ways.

But there are heavier and heartier flavours to savour too. Curries, with meat or vegetables, can be discovered on Chinese menus, while deep fried seafood, accompanied with sticky sweet and sour sauce, has long been a favourite too. Increasingly, a greater variety of regional dishes, whether Shandong, Sichuan, Cantonese, or from other corners of China’s diverse vastness, are showing up on menus across the world now too. Chinese cuisine is so much more than noodles and rice, there is a massive range of tastes and textures to explore.

We deliver food from Dubai’s finest Chinese restaurants to make sure that you receive the best dishes that can be delivered to your door. Order your food with Deliveroo, and we will make sure that your delivery arrives punctually, perfectly prepared and piping hot!