Vegetarian food delivery in Dubai

Just a generation ago, vegetarian-only fare was not something omnivores would even consider. Now fast forward to the present day. Plant-based cuisine is so colorful, textured, tasty, varied, and accepted you don't even miss the meat. If you're in Dubai and hungry for a full veggie spread, or just a few dishes to compliment a meaty meal, you've got it. If you want to skip the busy restaurant experience and eat at your own place, in your own time, you've got that too.

Deliveroo's local food delivery partners with the best vegetarian restaurants in the city. Now you can browse the dishes online offered by the city's finest eating places. From authentic Indian to veggie pizza, from Middle Eastern to western favorites, it's all here. Give your body a break from the meat. Check out the array of fresh and colorful veggie dishes on offer and order a wonderful spread.

Dubai: Delicious Vegetarian spreads delivered to your door

Mouthwatering, creamy mixed vegetable soups and mushroom buckwheat risotto are examples of how far quality veggie cuisine has come since the 1960s. No more do you have to settle for those boring takeaway salads. And those old predictable lentil soups, drab lasagnas and poorly stuffed peppers are long gone. Today, vegetarians and meat eaters can relish in the wonderful world of quality vegetarian fare. In Dubai it's easy to order online, fun to share with others, and delicious to eat.

Check out the veggie pizza choices like eggs Florentine or broccoli pesto covered in creamy ricotta and pesto. Or perhaps roasted chickpea fajitas are more your thing, served with harissa cream, pickled salsa, guacamole and other garnish. How about some tasty asparagus and new potato frittatas on the table? Fancy a burger? A mushroom and mozzarella burger with relish will please any palate.

The new and exciting luscious lasagnas and other pasta dishes are spectacular. Whatever your desire, the choices in Dubai are impressive. Prepare your taste buds for a scrumptious meatless meal prepared by the city's best vegetarian cooks. Deliveroo is ready to take your order.