Indian food delivery in Dubai

Indian food has become well-known and loved across the globe over the last few decades. Indian cuisine has many regional variations, but is generally characterised by its use of spices such as coriander, turmeric and cumin to create distinctive flavours. Regions of India are well known for their vegetarian cuisine, so there is a great range of vegetable dishes to enjoy. But a typical Indian restaurant will also serve a host of meat recipes, with lamb and chicken often cooked in savoury, spicy sauces. Desserts such as sandesh and halwa are a superb and delightfully sweet way to end any meal.

Indian cuisine is great to share with friends, but also makes a perfect meal if you are dining solo for an evening. Order with Deliveroo, and your favourite Indian dishes can arrive as a delivery at your door, perfectly cooked, on time and piping hot!

Dubai: Indian meals delivered straight to your door

There are so many regional dishes from India, it would be impossible to list them all. Nevertheless, the curry has become a staple dish at almost every Indian takeaway in the world. Many people enjoy very hot curries, such as Vindaloo or Madras. Korma, cooked with coconut, is a sweet and mild curry which suits diners who prefer something a little less fiery. Curries are served with rice, which can be boiled, fried or prepared with a recipe of spices and seasonings for some extra kick.

Indian cuisine is also characterised by the range of breads which can accompany meals. Flat bread such as naan or chapatti is very popular. Daal is a type of lentil curry which is perfectly designed to be soaked up by these types of bread. Other accompaniments to meals are poppadoms, a perennial favourite, often served alongside a pickle tray, and sweet and spicy chutneys.

Here at Deliveroo, we work in partnership with many of Dubai’s top Indian chefs to provide you with superb food. Simply order and we will make sure that your favourite Indian dishes arrive as a punctual and piping hot delivery, straight to your door!